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November 16, 2018 Emily Copley


November 14, 2018 Nichole Hardy


November 14, 2018 Rebekah Rose


November 19, 2018 JG

This is a truly remarkable read, far beyond being inspiring, this cuts to the chase of choice. I can choose to forgive or stay in anger, seems so simple, and rational. That path can challenge the best (or worst) of us. However, I found myself transforming from rage and disgust at one human’s actions toward another, to having thoughts of wonder at the possibility of having love as a practiced state of being. Katherine’s story grips one in the seeming tragedy of despair, then elevates the emotive experience to one of Love as an action, a conscious choice that opens new perspectives. The drama of Katherine’s experience becomes a metaphor to one’s interpretation of pain. She shares that all is up for interpretation, and with the perspective she has adopted, that interpretation can become joyful for those willing to anchor their way of being in the light.

Through the Fire is a beautifully written account of pain and suffering,  but also great reminder that God is always with us–even when we are going through the most painful experiences. I’m proud of my friend Katherine for being courageous enough to share her story with others.  She survived a horrible experience, but she has chosen to focus on the miracle that brought her “through the fire.”  – Eunice Patterson, Temecula, CA

I highly recommend Through the Fire. It just proves that God’s intervention and miracles are real. This book is very inspirational. I couldn’t put it down! – Rina Rasmussen, Buena Park, CA