Book Reviews

The book, Through the Fire, is the true survival story about a 12 year old girl that was kidnapped and then left in the hills to die. At one point, she experienced an amazing near heaven experience and explains in detail what this was like. There were many miracles throughout the story. If you would like to be notified when the book is available for purchase, just follow this blog and you will be automatically emailed when the book is released. Thank you for your interest.

Through the Fire is a beautifully written account of pain and suffering,  but also great reminder that God is always with us–even when we are going through the most painful experiences. I’m proud of my friend Katherine for being courageous enough to share her story with others.  She survived a horrible experience, but she has chosen to focus on the miracle that brought her “through the fire.”  – Eunice Patterson, Temecula, CA

I highly recommend Through the Fire. It just proves that God’s intervention and miracles are real. This book is very inspirational. I couldn’t put it down! – Rina Rasmussen, Buena Park, CA